Join Now!

YAY… You’re going to join!! Trust us, this is the cheapest yet BEST organization you will ever join! To become an EPSY-GSO member, just follow these quick, easy steps…

  1. Download the Membership Application Form
  2. Print the form
  3. Fill it out (or fill it out before you print it if you open the Word document)
  4. Attach your ONE TIME EVER $25 membership fee (cash or check)
  5. Deliver those two items, in a sealed envelope, to the EPSY-GSO mailbox located with the doctoral student mailboxes in 491 Farish Hall.

While we know the EPSY-GSO is an organization that everyone wants to join, membership can only be granted to graduate students currently enrolled in an educational psychology graduate program at the University of Houston.

Word Document: EPSY-GSO_Membership.Application

PDF Document: EPSY-GSO Membership Application